Tech Crunch Disrupt kicks off Geek Fashion Week!

Chris Sacca sporting Western wear-swears that he buys all of his clothes at Scully – and the look suits him well. Nice contrast to the grey with the yellow wrist band and yellow rubber soles.

Phil complained heavily about how Sacca upstaged his look…not sure there’s really any competition for Christian Lacroix.

No surprise that Ron Conway loves the classic Brooks Brothers.

DVF with a Burberry Bag – Michelle is just beautiful!

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You are what you wear..I mean, launch.

Ben Narasin is wearing Polo pants (love that green)
and shoes, with a shirt he designed himself for Abercrombie, back in his fashion days.

Verne Kopytoff now writing for the New York Times – rested from a 6 month
sabbatical in South America. Looking good. Love the well-worn Corduroy.

I’ve known David Hyman for years and have always admired his laid back style.
Not an ounce of stiffness in this Lacoste – paired with matching, custom-made
“Mog” branded Nikes. Those rich sandstone brown pants? fabulous.

Phil Kaplan, a.k.a “PUD” unveils his secret belt buckle.
Truth be told: I’m a sucker for a good belt buckle. But maybe I’m crossing the line with this one?
The Ferragamo man-bag really takes it to a new level.


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VC style – or is it Angel?

Hugo Boss. Clearly, Jeff is more than just a heckler.
Bien joué!

Larry Chiang always looks good in his uniform of white shirt and khakis – bet you
didn’t know they are custom made silk..? soft as butter.

Gold rolex salvaged from Bailly Banks and Biddle’s “going out of business” sale in 1999.
Big secret to Larry’s style? sweat-proof socks and t-shirts.


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Yours truly in Balenciaga.

Running out of women to post…sigh. 10:1 ratio is a killer.

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