Nina Khosla with Paul Carr (in the bag)

Check out Nina Khosla’s blog “Young and Brilliant” for some very unique designs.

Leena Rao, writer for TechCrunch, wearing Tory Burch -nicely paired
with a Ralph Lauren jacket…and then there’s the bling (real stuff).
Beautiful Cartier watch and all that fire. Blink, blink.


Everyone is so darn happy today.

Chamillionaire backstage. Labels? nah. Black on black: always a classic.

Tech is getting more fashionable!

Fashionista launching a fashion blog, Clothia.
Sigerson Morison flats, vintage frames and very unique cuffs from Jerusalem. Details, details.
Don Dodge with the gorgeous Michele Johnson, not reminiscing over Microsoft days.
Don is wearing the exact same outfit that he wore at the August Capital event a month ago.
We looked under his collar for a designer: Wrinkle Free. Lee’s Jeans go the distance. Old School, baby!

Scoble also sporting the ever popular label: Wrinkle free

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One Response to Nina Khosla with Paul Carr (in the bag)

  1. Nina says:

    Hey, thanks for posting the picture – glad you like my bag! 😉

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