You are what you wear..I mean, launch.

Ben Narasin is wearing Polo pants (love that green)
and shoes, with a shirt he designed himself for Abercrombie, back in his fashion days.

Verne Kopytoff now writing for the New York Times – rested from a 6 month
sabbatical in South America. Looking good. Love the well-worn Corduroy.

I’ve known David Hyman for years and have always admired his laid back style.
Not an ounce of stiffness in this Lacoste – paired with matching, custom-made
“Mog” branded Nikes. Those rich sandstone brown pants? fabulous.

Phil Kaplan, a.k.a “PUD” unveils his secret belt buckle.
Truth be told: I’m a sucker for a good belt buckle. But maybe I’m crossing the line with this one?
The Ferragamo man-bag really takes it to a new level.


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