Clavier and Whiny..

Clavier and Trouble

Dave McClure and Jeff Clavier

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Toms Shoes Founder, Blake Mycoskie, at SXSW

One of the most inspiring talks I’ve ever heard. “Giving is good for business”.

Toms is going to unveil a new “one for one” product on April 5. Exciting. I’m personally hoping it will be a bag to go with my new Kenya Striped Cordones.

Kilts in tandem.

On the street.

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Lots of beautiful LA people in SF for The Launch Conference

Jade Calacanis wearing Valentino (coat) and Lavin (bag). Very nice.

Jason had a nice label in his custom-made suit with Zegna fabric.

Nick Bicanic of is helping everyone find each other with one click..very cool.

Kevin Pollak and Dave McClure, whose t-shirt is an inspiration to us all: “Believe in your fucking self”. Thanks Dave!

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David Guetta at MidemNet, Cannes

The conference tweet board lit up with comments about his scarf and sweater not to mention those amazing shoes. He gave a very inspiring talk about the importance of pursing your passion when you’re very young – and that he doesn’t listen to (artistic) advice from people under 25.

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Zuckerberg Killing It at Silicon Valley Rocks

The crowd went wild as Randi Jayne belted one out with her Facebook sidekicks.

Hear the Open Source Band live on FaceBook.

Chatting outside, Randi is incredibly warm and personable before her bodyguard (see below) rescued her from a Tenderloin panhandler.

Watching Zuck’s back:

Andy Barton, Tech Recruiter for Facebook by day, had the crowd begging…


Mashable’s Ben Parr, sporting Burberry. Nice.

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More pictures from TechCrunch Disrupt

Eric insisted he did’t have a designer (or even a label) for his very fine suit.

Alizee was kicking back in the 90 degree weather…wearing her world-traveled Cole Haans and bangles.

Chris Dixon of Hunch, wearing vintage frames. Wish we had those in our town.

Mark Hendrickson, wearing Banana, but looking very Abercrombie somehow.

Gavin was happy to share his designer – Zegna. Fresh from the Governors Debate earlier today, he apologized for the tie.
No need to apologize! Rumor has it he is getting Clinton style speech training right now
and I can certainly hear the Southern influence

Pour some sugar on me. Louis Vuitton bag and Banana Republic skirt. Not too many women in tech can pull off a mini or care for that kind of attention, sad to say. Oh, and those shoes…

Drives a Toyota, wears Crocs, enough said.

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Nina Khosla with Paul Carr (in the bag)

Check out Nina Khosla’s blog “Young and Brilliant” for some very unique designs.

Leena Rao, writer for TechCrunch, wearing Tory Burch -nicely paired
with a Ralph Lauren jacket…and then there’s the bling (real stuff).
Beautiful Cartier watch and all that fire. Blink, blink.


Everyone is so darn happy today.

Chamillionaire backstage. Labels? nah. Black on black: always a classic.

Tech is getting more fashionable!

Fashionista launching a fashion blog, Clothia.
Sigerson Morison flats, vintage frames and very unique cuffs from Jerusalem. Details, details.
Don Dodge with the gorgeous Michele Johnson, not reminiscing over Microsoft days.
Don is wearing the exact same outfit that he wore at the August Capital event a month ago.
We looked under his collar for a designer: Wrinkle Free. Lee’s Jeans go the distance. Old School, baby!

Scoble also sporting the ever popular label: Wrinkle free

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